The Lexicon of Locks: Base Break

Breaking the base, or a base break, is used to blend the hair that is not highlighted between foils.  It breaks up darker roots and removes lines of demarcation.  It is a quick process, not meant to completely color the hair, and the end result provides a more natural transition from highlighted hair to your natural color.

You are a great candidate for a base break if there is too much differentiation between your highlights and your natural color.  The point of highlighting is to make hair appear naturally streaked by the sun, base breaking is a fantastic way to create an organic highlight.  Another time to consider a base break is a few weeks after color, when your roots become visible.  Base breaking can extend your hair color, without having to do undergo a complete color process.

Base breaks are an add-on service at Salvatore Anthony Hair Studio.  Let me know if this service is of interest to you.  See you at the salon!

Sal Lopes