The Basics: Falling out of Summer

In a few short weeks, the sun will set sooner, UV rays will be less intense and the air less humid - all of these factors impact how you should treat your hair. Here are a few tips to help you through the summer to fall transition:

CLARIFY: if you spent time in pools, oceans and even fresh water this summer, chances are there is residue built-up on your hair.  Fall is a great time to try a clarifying shampoo, which is a way to deep-clean your hair and remove any of summer's deposits, including those left by dry shampoo, sunscreens, hard water, salt and sand. This is a great way to give you hair a reboot. 

CONDITION: it is important time to pay attention to your hair's moisture content, as the days get more arid and less humid.  Consider a deep-conditioning treatment to give your hair a little extra love. 

CUT: This is a great time of year for a cut - get rid of the ends that suffered from summer's wear and tear.

COLOR: If you have highlights or hair that naturally darkens during colder months, it may be a good idea to consider lowlights.  This effective technique adds depth and dimension instantaneously, eliminating the awkward natural transition from summer to winter hair. 

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Sal Lopes